6 principles of packaging design should refer to

6 principles of packaging design should refer to
Date Submitted: 10/08/2020 11:56 AM

How to make your products stand out, attract customers among thousands of items sold in supermarkets every day? The simple answer is beautiful packaging design. Impressive, eye-catching appearance will make customers notice and choose your product even though there are many other products of similar quality. The following 6 packaging design principles are useful tips to help you perfect your packaging design. Let's discover  how to design packaging  effectively with Designs.vn.

1. Simple and clear
Next time you go to the supermarket, be a little observant. Choose a few products and answer these 2 very simple questions: "What product is this?" and "What brand is behind it?" You will be surprised to find that for some products, it will be difficult to answer those 2 questions in under 4 seconds. You can see a lot of packaging designs that list the benefits of the product, worse than just focusing on an eye-catching exterior design t

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