Waterproof for paper and carton packaging

Waterproof for paper and carton packaging
Date Submitted: 10/04/2020 07:53 AM

Carton packaging is one of the most commonly used products in most domestic industries. Therefore, improving the quality of carton packaging is increasingly focused. In particular, to ensure the safety of goods during storage and transportation, strengthening the waterproofing ability of carton packaging is one of the important issues.

Why is it necessary to waterproof the carton packaging paper?

Ordinary carton packaging products absorb moisture quite quickly. Therefore, in cases of moldy environment, high air humidity, the quality of goods will be seriously affected.

Therefore, measures to improve the waterproofing of carton packaging become extremely important. Manufacturers offer a variety of options. However, finding the most technically and economically viable way is still a matter of debate among industry experts.

The effect that the carton packaging has good waterproofing will have an effective anti-hygroscopic effect, capable of being left for a long time in a humid environment compared to other materials.

waterproof paper carton packaging

Waterproofing method for carton packaging paper
The research on waterproofing additives in the carton packaging industry in recent years has brought about many remarkable achievements. In particular, the production deployment of synthetic waterproof glues for packaging paper such as AKD, ASK is widely applied in many businesses.

However, using turpentine in waterproofing technology for carton packaging paper is considered the most feasible option. Some of the advantages that turpentine brings include:

-  If AKD glue takes at least 24 hours to determine the glue effect, turpentine has an immediate effect, so there is no interruption in the production process.

- Using turpentine for waterproofing carton packaging paper, it also controls the glue environment at pH 4.5 - 5.5, which limits the adhesion of ionic impurities in the raw materials to the mesh blanket. , press shaft, drying roller. This outstanding feature improves the performance of the machine and reduces pollution in wastewater

-  Besides, carton packaging that uses turpentine as a waterproofing agent is tougher and more glossy than the use of other waterproofing agents.

Therefore, the use of waterproof glue for carton packaging from turpentine has been studied quite carefully to bring about the highest quality products. The research process has resulted in new products with more effective adhesive strength, ease of use and greater convenience such as: modified resin glue, dispersant turpentine glue.

The more perfect the research process, the more it contributes to bringing better quality products with a more complete production process. 
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