V-Bracket Angle 3

V-Bracket Angle 3

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  • Heart rate, Calories consumed, Count your steps, Count your distance, Training mode, Detect falls, Alarm, Listen to music with Bluetooth headset, Call on watch, Reject call , Weather forecast, Compass, Control to play music, On behalf of the clock
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The screen is sharp, true colors even under the sun. Features always turn on the screen to see the convenient time even while driving. Besides, the screen automatically reduces brightness when not needed to maximize battery life.


Accurate positioning with GPS and compass
\r\nGPS positioning with high accuracy of your location, makes it easy to calculate the training route.
\r\nIn addition, the Apple Watch S5 smart watch also has a magnetic compass that helps determine the direction in places that cannot be located with GPS.This feature is useful for those who are interested in hiking, picnic in the forest. , ...


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