Standards required when designing cartons

Standards required when designing cartons
Date Submitted: 10/04/2020 07:53 AM

The popularity of  cartons  on the market today has proven the role and outstanding features of this item. Carton, paper carton packaging is one of the key products of the industry supporting packaging, preserving and transporting other goods. Therefore, the standard required when designing the carton is necessary to match the standards that require each type of product it contains in order to be most compatible.
Standards required when designing cartons
Standards required when designing cartons include the following aspects:
- Ordinary 5-layer cartons will have an extra layer in the middle and 2 layers of side waves. These waves are created by metal waveheads when the wavehead rotates around its own axis of rotation, the paper running through this axis is steamed hot to nearly 100 degrees Celsius, creating bending lines. .
- For 3-layer cartons, there is an extra layer of solid partitions separating the goods inside as a protective mattress during transportation.
- Carton boxes, paper carton packaging are items produced entirely from natural materials, so they can be recycled many times. Therefore, to ensure that the new carton products are always durable, the carton manufacturing company should cover a new layer of film around the cartons to increase their features.
- Printing cartons, carton packaging depends on customer's requirements from paint color, surface area to shape, size.
But must ensure full information, brands, barcodes and symbols in accordance with the standards.
In addition, for all types of cartons, specialized carton boxes used in industries that require high aesthetics need to be covered with a layer of higher quality paper to improve the quality of the products inside.

The standard required when designing cartons is a premise for the carton manufacturing process to take place in the future, avoiding certain errors. Since then, creating mass products in accordance with standards, not only serving the needs of the domestic market but also foreign countries.

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